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Video posted https://youtu.be/76d5WPKgsIE?t=8 shows town officials pushing hard for renewing TGM as the town’s auditor in spite of their bias and high bills while others raise questions about TGM‘s competency and actions as a vendor of the town for the past five years. TGM performed annual audits and missed off budget accounts, run by the police and lifeguards, including one involving the Dewey Police Department’s participation in the military surplus program.

TGM, which missed the accounts, was then hired to do a study of the military surplus in a AUPR. The AUPR is the study on Dewey‘s participation in the military surplus program. More information on that on other DCA video https://youtu.be/rcBFTIPzNhc.

The delay in the audit committee meeting since November 8, 2018 regarding issues of former chairman Larry Silver kept TGM in place for the short run. The misdeeds by Larry Silver and the town were documented in a Cape Gazette editorial on February 8, 2019, titled "Editorial: Time to get Dewey’s house in order" and in a video https://youtu.be/AK4DUnCnbPU Also the founder of the Dewey Citizens for Accountability (DCA) was arrested with all charges later dropped a week prior to trial.

Involved with TGM was the Mayor, town manager and audit committee chair Siver who all wrongly received (from TGM) and edited a copy of the AUPR before it was presented to the audit committee. Half of Larry’s Silver’s committee resigned on August 3, when the already pre-edited TGM report was released, with the mayor and town manager in attendance, Neither Mayor Redefer nor the town manager Koenig nor the audit committee chair has to this day described what was edited out or in the AUPR, which as described below cost three times more than was estimated and agreed.

Still many questions come out of this meeting about TGM over-billing. A close vote ensued, but promises to be an ongoing issue related to the $63,000 billed to Dewey Beach by TGM. (Incorrectly stated by the town manager as $54,000 at 8:18 into the video). Both 2018 letters of agreement signed by the town with TGM contain fee estimates of no more than $27,000, or TGM would go back to the town to request more funds and renegotiate. But no 2018 committee member or town commissioner approved additional fee amounts.  The spotlight will be on TGM.

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