About DCA

The Dewey Citizens for Accountability, was founded and first issued a group letter to Council on October 6, 2017 signed by 31 residents  urging the new Mayor and town to implement recommendations of the Walton report. It has since grown to 120 residents and has petitioned the Mayor and Town Commisioners for accountability and transparency . The entire volunteer group of residents monitors and provides input to the activities of the Town of Dewey Beach. DCA’s volunteers are residents with skills in business, the military, law enforcement, accounting, management among others who monitor and provide input towards the goal of bringing accountability to Town Council and Town hall for the residents of Dewey Beach. If you agree that the Walton Report recommendations should be implemented, and have a skill and interest in doing so, please email us with a note of how you might be able to assist us at news@deweycitizens.org, and we will contact you.  We do not solicit for, or accept money and are not associated with any Dewey business interest, or owner of any commercial real estate. We unite under the banner of Accountability without regards to political affiliation, political group, political person, or interest group of any type.


Dewey Citizens for Accountability Goals

  1. Complete an investigation and produce a detailed explanation of the use of funds from the acquisition and sale of surplus federal equipment by the Dewey Police Department and follow up on the Town Investigators Report of identified practices and personnel who are acting against the best interests of the town.

  2. Keep property owners continuously informed of what is going on and solicit their involvement and participation.

  3. Become involved in town committees to assure they serve the common good and support the increasing family-friendly environment in town.

  4. Promote ideas and proposals that continue to move Dewey Beach in the direction it has been heading over the past several years as a family-friendly town.

  5. Cooperate with residents sharing common interests to discuss and advocate for policy solutions, including encouraging potential candidates who share a positive agenda of Dewey to serve the town on Council or to join Town working groups.