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Challenge Continues Dewey Election 2019

-LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dewey election results still disputedDewey election results still disputed Cape Gazette October 11, 2019

-Lawsuit filed against Dewey Beach, commissioner Rowe alleges illegal activity in municipal election Rowe alleges illegal activity in municipal election Cape Gazette October 8. 2019

Freedom of Information Acts Requests by the Dewey Citizens for Accountability

DCA E-News: Dewey: what happened in the election? October 4, 2019

Dewey settles with Jeffrey Smith in federal lawsuit Cape Gazette October 1, 2019

Links to current YouTube Videos - Week of September 21

DEPT52.pngDewey Election 2019 Part 5

Narrative written by an independent Journalist and a videographer with no ties to Dewey Beach or any candidate for office.



Dewey Election 2019 Part 4

From Thursday, September 26 this features Phil Rowe the candidate, in a hearing before the Election Board. Town attorney Fred Townsend, the only attorney participating, represents the town.

IMG_5859.jpegDewey Election 2019 Part 3

Part 3 of the Dewey Election Recount is the process of recounting the mail in ballots. 



Dewey Election 2019 Part 2

Dewey election board meets right after election. Announces that there is a mandatory recount due to the results of the September 21 election. 


IMG_5848.JPGDewey Election 2019 Part 1

State law mandates a recount for any elections with the margin less than 1/2 of 1% (0.05%).This is the first time that the recount has been done in Dewey Beach.

DCA E-News: Dewey Election Results In Now Recount And Challenge Status September 24, 2019

DCA E-News: Election Issues 2019 September 21, 2019

Report: Dewey lacks internal controls, needs financial director Cape Gazette September 20, 2019

Video- Compromise of Independence: Dewey Town Management September 18, 2019

Dewey Candidates Report Card for 2019 September 17, 2019

Town of Dewey Beach 2019 Audit Documents (DRAFT)

         Financial statements (including draft Independent Auditor’s Report and Draft Internal Control and Compliance Letter)

         Management Letter

         Formal Communication of those Charged with Governance