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Dewey_Beach.jpeg Dewey Beach commissioners get recommendations on new wireless towers
dewey-beach-5G-tower-8.jpeg The ugly side of 5G: New cell towers spoil the scenery and crowd people’s homes
Save DB 1.jpeg Dewey citizens, officials unite at 5G pole protest July 5
WRDE.png Save Dewey Beach Holds Protest and Celebration for Future of 5G Poles
poles+Clayton+1.jpeg Verizon agrees to halt 5G pole installation in Dewey Beach
DJI_0014.JPG   Hold the politicians and Verizon accountable
DionisioSCALE Grassroots group plans 5G pole protest in Dewey Beach  
polesandpoles.jpeg Counterpunch On Beach Poles: A Protest And Big Lawsuit  
DNREC Letter.png DNREC Denies Tilson Permit Application for McKinley Street  
poles+Clayton+1.jpeg Dewey Beach residents lead charge against cell towers Lawsuit seeks to remove, block future beach installations  
DJI_0014.JPG Letter to the Editors-The time is now to oppose the 5G pole placements  
dewey-welcome.jpg 5G: Letter to Town Manager and Commissioners of Dewey Beach  
DJI_0014.JPG	Letters to the Editors-5G towers: Did companies commit fraud?  
poles+Rodney+1.jpg Letters to the Editor:The time is now to oppose the 5G pole placements 
IMG-2182.jpg How Dewey Beach became a surprise haven for 5G poles. What the town plans to do about it  
WRDE.png Dewey Beach to Hire Consultant for 5G Towers  
EyeTrash.png Beachfront Poles in 2 minutes. Why EyeTrash? Part 4  
17EA0685-4081-40C6-A121-0E05EB3157A6IMG_2108.jpeg	Alert: Please See for Dune Pole notice  
Beach Pole Matrix 2.002.jpeg	Comparison of Dewey's Situation with Other Towns  
BayardStreet Pole.jpg	Just north of Dewey: Can Dewey have poles like this  
Image_9.jpg Dewey negotiates for sole authority in 5G infrastructure permitting  
dewey-welcome.jpg	Town of Dewey Beach Council Meeting March 22. 2021 at 1 PM  
IMG_2035.jpeg	More Beachlands for More 5gPoles? (Part 3)  
IMG_2037.jpeg	5g Pole Beach Blight Residents Say: Stop! (Part 2)  
DJI_0014.JPG	5g Pole now Proposed on Dewey Dunes: DenRec Requests Public Comment  
poles+Rodney+1.jpg	Dewey residents, officials continue fight against 5G poles (Part 1)  
Bethany 20250 Coastal Hwy & Oceanview .jpg	Fact Sheet 5G Poles in Coastal Delaware  
dewey-welcome.jpg	We're being held hostage? Dewey Beach defends against encroaching wireless towers   
IMG_1786.JPG	Beach Seascape Impacted by New Poles  
WRDE-Video-News-Report-Wednesday-August-19	March 2, 2021 Public Hearing and Town Council Meeting  
 DJI_0014.JPG	Issue Brief: 5G in Town of Dewey Beach, DE  
5g Pole PhotosIMG 4308 small Index Page: 5G Poles in Dewey Beach Vista  
8.25Celltowers Verizon's Rehoboth Boardwalk antennas OK?d by commissioners  
8.25Celltowers Cell antennas for Rehoboth Boardwalk are close, but not quite ready  
WRDE-Video-News-Report-Wednesday-August-19	Upcoming Meetings on Wireless Facility Poles and Proposed Zoning Changes-Email Newsletter from Gary Persinger  
Cullen.jpg	Dewey commissioners refer 5G ordinance to planners  
5g Pole PhotosIMG_4308-small.jpg	Chesapeake 5G Pole: Dewey Beach issue of 5g Poles proposed for Chesapeake Street and Carolina