From: Dale Cooke  
Date: Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Audit
To: Jeffrey C. Smith 

Mr. Smith,

You are correct about the Audit being late. Yesterday  morning I called and questioned the Town Manager about the need for the audit report to be made public. I was informed that some form of results testing (my paraphrasing) were being performed by the auditor and that a draft and a committee meeting would likely be scheduled next week. He was waiting on the auditor and the committee (again my paraphrasing) and suggested that I contact the Chairperson and the committee Liason. After speaking with the Town Manager,  I emailed the committee Commissioner Liason.  I have not yet heard back from him. Today I emailed everyone involved, the Town Manager, the Mayor, the committee Chairperson and the Committee Liason asking what the plan is for updates on the audit.
I have heard from the committee chair. She has stated that she is in the process of finalizing a date for the committee to meet.
I do comprehend that no one likes the reasoning, but my understanding is that complications with the changeover to a new auditor precipitated much of the delay. That changeover was instigated by the abrupt resignation of our previous auditor, which was in turn the result of public complaints from a Commissioner. Everyone is now waiting for our new auditor to finish their work. 
I sincerely apologize to all property owners for the delay. Right or wrong, I could toss around plenty of blame  - we all could; but that is not a solution. I will attempt to keep everyone informed.
Dale H. Cooke