From: Jeffrey C. Smith 
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2017 5:36 PM
To: TJ Redefer
Subject: Re: Marc Appelbaum Letter of October 23, 2015

Dear Mr. Mayor (TJ):

I understand the pushback you must be getting from the Police Department against our efforts for accountability. Regardless, as shown below today the Humvees are parked in front of Town Hall, in the right of way (street) again without license plates. Since I’m pursuing this with integrity and persistence on behalf of our resident supporters - how do you suggest I obtain the location of the town’s approximately 34 other military surplus vehicles or the reason that the ones outside town hall have no license plates?

I am having the same failure that you say the prior council had, and I’m starting to understand why they didn’t know. But the Council was the past, our group seeks information in the present.

As of December’s requests (for location, reason they lack license plates) we have received no information. Should I assume you dont have the information, and they that the Town Departments are stonewalling both you and the residents? I recall you mentioned you were due a report by the prior Friday from the Police Chief.

The press to whom I referred was Chris Flood, the reporter at the Council meeting that you mentioned by name. He was off camera. In my experience, suggesting that a person is being negative by bringing sunlight on an issue, is usually a dark refuge of the unaccountable, and history proves that as well. Im sure you did not mean to suggest that. Integrity for the town in the long run is more important than short run appearance-related concerns.

As to the 10/23/15 letter, as stated in my underlined part from yesterday - that letter not something either one of us, nor council nor the DCA group can rely on as it appears likely (based on the facts I outlined in detail) be a fraudulent letter, but that is what we need an auditor for. You are correct that I do not know that for sure.

Integrity is the value here, we are just getting going and speaking plainly, the 10/23/15 letter - combined with the prior “employees” letter proved to be written by Pires indicates that the town has serious changes to make and our members seek to work with you on that. I’ve asked politely and persistently on at least three occasions for the vehicle information. The residents deserve, three months after the Walton Report identified Dewey’s participation in the 1033 program to me and others, to pull back the veil hiding a serious amount equipment in undisclosed locations or who knows where. Of course you are the Mayor, it’s in your power to ask that of the Police, and if they refuse to answer, personnel actions, made with town Attorney review, is within your authority as well. Thats what we do in private management when we don’t get accountability from those who report to us. For most of us regular citizens of Dewey, September 2017 was the first time we heard anything about the program, but we know virtually nothing more than we did then.


Jeffrey C. Smith