From: "Jeffrey C. Smith" 
Date: January 17, 2018 at 1:31:33 PM EST
To: TJ Redefer
Subject: Re: Additional False Letter Now Appears

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Our members and the residents of Dewey deserve a straight and honest answer to whether the Appelbaum letter is a forgery. Please recall you sent it out to numerous parties representing it as proof of others knowledge of of the 1033 program. We deserve to know if those facts have changed by an answer to whether Mr. Applebaum approved it. We already know he did not sign it as no one disputes that was his signature stamp used. I will continue to pursue this matter until the truth is provided to us.

The AUPR charge to which you refer does not include authenticity of letters, nor evaluation of potential crimes that may be involved.

Integrity is the only solution out of this mess. Any more stonewalling and evasion won’t fly with most sophisticated people who know the difference. It will just make them go higher up the ladder to reach accountably. I await your choice.