From: "Jeffrey C. Smith" 
Subject: Additional False Letter Now Appears
Date: January 15, 2018 at 11:10:40 PM EST
To: Town Council 


January 15, 2018

Dear Mr. Mayor and Town Commissioners:

There are now two letters purporting to show approval of the 1033 program by town officials, dated the same day. One just surfaced as part of the PowerPoint presentation by Commissioner Bauer (the one attached below not on letterhead). It is worded differently than the earlier one (on letterhead), which I have already documented the facts why it was more likely than not a false or fraudulent letter. The Mayor, TJ, had promised me well over a month ago to bring this matter to the town attorney. I have heard nothing, and now another version surfaces.

So with two versions both having the same date, it does not take a forensic scientist to see one of these is definitely fraudulent. A false representation made in the form of a forged letter in a federal program is a very serious crime. The fact that the Council has not taken this matter seriously invites serious questions. We will ensure those questions are asked if the town is not able to police itself here, when fraud appears clear. It’s fair to say that other documents are now in question in regards to the federal reviews (conducted every two years on only 25% of the non-controlled equipment).

Please take proper action to investigate this matter immediately, this is intolerable for elected officials to ignore this matter any longer. It bears on the credibility of the entire town including the police. Please request the town attorney look into this Tuesday morning, and kindly let me that this has been done, I am distributing this letter widely to our supporters and outside parties to monitor the progress of this serious situation, and have been advised not to discuss this matter any more than I have above, and with the inclusion of the two different letters attached.


Jeffrey C. Smith
Organizer, Dewey Citizens for Accountability