From: Jeffrey C. Smith []
Sent: Friday, February 2, 2018 5:36 PM
To: TJ Redefer
Subject: Re: Request For Public Records

When I write you I am 100% sure of a fact, it is a fact. Not something you should reply without checking and put my term fact in quotes. See attached proof.

In fact, you did you correct Bauer’s presentation on his demonstrably untrue statements before Council about the laptop, biannual, or ask him to reply 10 points in our Rebuttal ? We provided 46 footnotes in our points asked for any corrections of any facts and none have arrived here yet, it’s been two weeks coming up. Meanwhile, the assertions made by others to you were materially false, so not calling those out and instead replying - by putting in quotes “facts” is not acceptable discourse given you have not valued facts or balance - based on the Bauer falsity going unchecked. Your admin removed the Walton Report from the town website, putting Bauer’s up, in addition to above. You could at least put ours up since there is no disagreement on its facts, but I don’t expect it.

Please reflect back on my emails on this subject cautioning how we will reply to such things as the prior Appelbaum focused lies. You may be Mayor but I don’t exempt you from standards or seek your approval of truth, never have never will. You can count on truth from me and I will respond in all venues necessary, first the media, if you question my integrity without your checking facts first. You were wrong, (per attached) and it’s up to you to consider why you made such a mistake.

I can decide how hard to hit back on FOIA violation, the claim at the end of the WBOC piece made by your administration (watch it again to see what the anchor said), as well as the local and national press.


PS - this is one page that proves you can call it a fact that your FOIA response was non compliant. There are other pages. I’ll wait to see how many I get from the town.