From: "Jeffrey C. Smith"
Subject: DCA Report in Counterbalance to Commissioner Bauer
Date: January 23, 2018 at 5:30:17 PM EST
To: Town Council

Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Town Council:

Attached please find the Report and Comprehensive Rebuttal to Commissioner Bauer’s Presentation. Many of our residents and supporters have requested we undertake an effort to correct assertions made before Town Council on January 13, 2018, and thats the objective of this Report coming just a little over a week following Mr. Bauer’s presentation to Council.

We have given references and sources for each fact, quotes which cannot be argued, and 44 footnotes over its eight pages, and you will find the graphs listed in the appendix especially revealing. Its important that Council understands, for example, that the so called federal audits of the program are not as Mr. Bauer describes.

All our facts are from the actual program rules, federal website inventories, and public information. It is original independent research done entirely by volunteers with data not provided by, or in cooperation with, the Police Dept, or any former or current official in Dewey. While some may not like its conclusions, we have done our very best to eliminate any opinion or bias and have not made any allegations against any person’s character or motives. We stand behind all the facts in this document and those who would question any facts contained within, can contact me at any time and I will research fully and respond to the inquiry. This is to avoid the types of letters and attacks Dewey experienced all last summer leading up to the Walton Report, those attacks were costly, and I'm committed to ensuring at any cost that those types of attacks (and the failure to defend vigorously) does not continue or become a Dewey tradition. Truth, accountability and finally integrity is the alternative we should all seek.

The Report is attached below but also on our website at

We encourage Town Council to put this report alongside Mr. Bauer’s presentation on the town's website, for balance, and plan a future Council Meeting to provide a person who would balance the Bauer Presentation with objective facts of the sort and volume as contained in the attached report. As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

Our goal as a group remains simple: to bring accountability to Dewey.

Thank you for your attention to this Report,


Thank you all,

Jeffrey C. Smith
Volunteer Organizer, Dewey Citizens for Accountablity (DCA)

My cell # is  and email is  should any of you have any questions about any facts contained within, and should I not have the immedate answer, you can count on my finding the research source that will provide you the answer or fact you seek clarified.