From: Jeffrey C. Smith
Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 2:02 PM
To: TJ Redefer
Subject: Re: Request For Public Records

Mr. Mayor, The FOIA to the town of Jan 9 spoke to what we did, and are, requesting, as did the email that began this discussion on Feb 2 at 10:31am detailing what deficiencies exist in the Town’s response to our FOIA. I don’t know what you mean it’s hard to follow, it’s as clear and specific as as could be. You could just answer that and none of the subsequent time here would be necessary. Let’s just stick to one thing, my FOIA did not mention Lewes or any such thing so I don’t get what you mean, as that’s irrelevant and inappropriate to parse a clear FOIA request.


PS I assume you mean my later email when you say it was hard to follow. It’s noted. I’m doing my best to accommodate your style as you are hard for me to follow as well. The facts are all we could possibly agree on, but I’ve detailed and footnoted those in the recent report and you don’t or won’t engage in that factual objective discussion. I don’t deal with sales talk, or respect it as a means of communication, you must know that but I say that again here.

On Feb 3, 2018, at 11:45 AM, TJ Redefer wrote:

Mr. Smith,

Are you asking about the lot in Lewes here?

This letter is a little hard to follow.