Dear Dewey Friends and Neighbors:

There has been much activity to report in the Media and locally in Dewey during the two weeks since our newsletter of November 15, 2017. Mostly involving the issues related to Dewey Beach military surplus program, involving $2.85 million listed assets (as listed on the inventory since 2014) held by the Dewey Beach Police at unknown locations. The Town Council voted unanimously on November 11 to audit the program. But that vote is just the first step.

1) As you will recall, two weeks ago we reported that two of the 36 military surplus vehicles, in this case Humvees, mysteriously appeared in Dewey Beach (representing the first time any more than one Humvees was seen in town at a time). But within hours of our newsletter with its photos, both vehicles without license plates, disappeared from public view. 

2) The Cape Gazette, which had previously reported positively on the “old guard” and their Lawyer who ousted the Town Manager, recently published an editorial finally supporting common sense about the accusers latest claim: Responsible accounting is not retaliation. And also one on our new organization Dewey group wants answers on police spending.

3) It appears that nobody other than the police know the location of any of the $2.85 million of equipment, which includes 36 military vehicles. Mayor TJ Redefer indicated he has made some type of arrangements for their storage. As residents we have the right to know where these assets are stored, or have them photographed, and the Council Letter below addresses this.

4) Once again the lawyer for the town accusers, Richard Cross, is threatening to sue, saying that his clients are the subject of “retaliation” because of the Audit ordered by Council on November 11. Nobody seems to be taking their claim seriously, but there is interference with the effort to hire the Auditor to accomplish the review consistent with the Town Resolution.