October 23, 2018
Dear Dewey Citizens:
Just this past Saturday (October 20, 2018), over written objections from other citizens, the Mayor CANCELLED a scheduled vote to remove Mr. Silver, and instead extended the term of Larry Silver as Chair of the Audit Committee. This was done by the Mayor despite the incomplete TGM report that cost the town $12,000 but only identified 13 items out of the 2633 items listed on current federal government websites (link below) as acquired by the Dewey Beach Police Department, since 2014. 
For one year now, the press and citizens have asked Mayor Redefer to provide us the location of the huge amount of Military Equipment and whether it was sold. He has refused multiple times, even including when a petition signed by 135 residents was sent to him requesting the location of the equipment and whether it was sold improperly. Residents received back only email statements like "transparency and accountability [is what] we need and deserve" - not addressing our question. No hearings or Police have attended Council to explain where the equipment is. But in fact, Mayor Redefer has a responsibility to be accountable and report to the citizens of Dewey, this equipment (based on federal rules) is the property of the town's residents, not to be sold or bartered privately outside the town's supervision. This video below, along with other upcoming ones will seek answers from the Town's Mayor, and report our results.
 (a 1 minute 37 second video)
Jeffrey C. Smith
Volunteer Director
Dewey Citizens for Accountability
PS: The list of the 2633 items, as recorded by the federal government as acquired by Dewey Beach, as well as the acquisition cost are listed here: Dewey LESO Inventory