Dewey Citizens for Accountability
Dear Friends and Neighbors: 
The Dewey Town Council meets tomorrow. Friday July 13, at 6pm. There are at least three solid reasons why you, as a signer of the petition of March 23, 2018, need to attend (and if possible speak for the allowed three minutes).
1. Town Council has flatly ignored the Walton Report, which residents spent $400,000 to have done, and was issued 10 months ago. Indeed, none of the recommendations of the Walton Report published in September 2017 regarding town departments have been implemented. The highly credible, and expensive Walton investigation done by a team of attorneys dealt with serious issues and problems in the town, including hidden bank accounts, massive amounts of military equipment, knowingly false statements by officials and corruption. These are not political issues but serious matters that you, as a resident and voter, need to urge Council to take seriously for the sake of the town, and that is best done in person.
2. Town officials have not yet, 8 months after they passed a resolution to do so, disclosed the location of the majority of the Military Surplus equipment and the “off budget” money flows related to them. When residents, in a Petition in March 2018, signed by 135 of your fellow residents and voters, including yourself, urged Council do so (by mail) they have not acted. No official from the town has appeared before Council to explain why Dewey is the largest participant in the state and what all the heavy-duty armaments are for. We have been patient, but Council clearly needs to see the residents at their Council meeting requesting it. 
3. There has been no town audit, just a “Procedures Review” (by accounting firm TGM) of the procedures of the town, which is in slow process, but in Phase one did reveal serious improprieties including relating to the lifeguard captain’s (Todd Fritchtman) solicitation for funds falsely claiming a non-profit charity while doing so. TGM recommended that the Council address it immediately, but the Council has ignored the recommendation, and the lifeguard fund continues to solicit monies door to door in Dewey as recently as this week. Soliciting for funds under a false pretense of it being a non-profit charity is fraud. How is Council allowing this to continue even after TGM’s finding?
Meeting Details:
Location: Dewey Beach Lifesaving Station #1 Dagsworthy Avenue, Dewey Beach, DE. 19971
Date: Friday, July 13, 2018
Time: 6:00 P.M
Hope to see you there!
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