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DCA follows up with Commissioners on ongoing audit scandal, requests answers on key matters September 6, 2019

Missing Town Audit: DCA Demands Answers of Town Council September 4, 2019

        Dale Cooke Replies to Missing Audi Letter September 5, 2019

        Commissioner Reveals Audit Issues September 5, 2019

        Commissioners Redefer and Bauer Replies to Missing Audit Letter  September 5, 2019

Town of Dewey Audit Comittee Charter 

August 2019 Dewey Beach Candidates Forum August 31, 2019

Dewey Beach Police Department Organizational Analysis - Gregory Warren June 30, 2019

Violence at Bars: Mayor Redefer Silences Public Questions, and Bar Owner Alex Pires Issues Threat Against Dewey Residents for Publishing DCA E-News July 9, 2019

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Mayor Redefer: Where are the 2500 items from Dewey’s Military Surplus Program?  

Audit Committee Addresses Begins to Address TGM Failures, Seeks new Auditor

Town Council Opening: Mayor Creates of an Investigation during the Announcements?


News Articles:

Dewey Beach Sets Auction Date for Military Surplus Equipment  WRDE August 19, 2019

Dewey to auction military surplus equipment Cape Gazette August 16, 2019

How Cops in a Beach-Blanket Town Hit Bingo ... With Surplus Military MuscleReal Clear Investigations  August 6, 2019

Report Calls for Improvements to Dewey Beach Police Department WBOC July 31, 2019

Dewey Beach Police Department Organizational Analysis Town of Dewey Beach July 26, 2019

Beach town criticized for acquisition of surplus military equipment WBAL July 17, 2019

In Dewey, residents debate town’s handling of violence Cape Gazette July 14, 2019

Highway One threatens defamation suit Cape Gazette July 12, 2019